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  • Author: Raphaël Wintrebert
  • 8 octobre 2008
  • Free Market

Free Trade vs. Protectionism: Extricating France from a False Dilemma

Globalization, liberalism, protectionism, free trade—these often misunderstood concepts are an integral part of international trade policies and, in broader terms, structure France’s economic and social development model. In this Working Paper, Raphaël Wintrebert sheds light on the terms of the … Lire la suite

  • Author: Frédéric Rouvillois
  • 7 octobre 2008
  • Free Market

Externalization: A Strategy for Refocusing the State on Its Core Competencies

Externalization, as used here, is the notion of the State “relieving” itself of its duties to avoid the cost and red tape of an overly cumbersome administrative apparatus, referred to in some quarters as decentralisation, or outsourcing of functions. The … Lire la suite

  • Author: Arnaud Mercier
  • 3 octobre 2008
  • Free Market

Social cohesion and place of the governments’ policies in an individualized society

Arnaud Mercier pinpoints a radical transformation in the conception of society, as the facts of life are more and more characterized by the pervasive decline of institutions, increasing deregulations, flexibility, risk-taking and highly individualistic behaviours. From then on, the main … Lire la suite