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  • Author: Wolfgang Glomb
  • 2 février 2011
  • Europe

The franco-german tandem confronts the Euro crisis

Recent events affecting the monetary stability of the euro area have revealed deep misunderstandings between the French and the Germans. France argues that political considerations must prevail over European subjects, while Germany defended at all costs the principle of monetary stability… Lire la suite

  • Author: Fondapol
  • 14 juillet 2010
  • Public Debt

Reforming the Constitution to Reduce Government Debt: Creating A Balanced-Budget Rule In France

This document proposes to include in 2010 a balanced-budget rule in the French Constitution and in the LOLF (Loi Organique relative aux Lois de Finances, the quasi-constitutional framework that governs the French national budget process). The rule is inspired by … Lire la suite

  • Author: Anna Stellinger
  • 2 octobre 2008
  • Ideas, values

The Welfare State vs. Changing Social Risks

The Welfare State and its system of social protection are undergoing massive transformation. In France, as elsewhere, the nature and impact of social risks have changed: old age is no longer a risk due to lengthened life expectancy; health, family … Lire la suite