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  • Author: Fondapol
  • 18 janvier 2011
  • Studies

2011, World Youths

“2011, World Youths” is a worldwide survey directed by the Fondation pour l’innovation politique. This huge survey, conducted by the TNS Opinion group, has been carried out upon 32700 individuals in 25 countries, it focuses on lifestyles, opinions and prospects of youths from the five continents. Check out the results of our survey in this paper edited by Dominique Reynié. Lire la suite

  • Author: Raphaël Wintrebert
  • 26 janvier 2010
  • Studies

Young People Facing the Future. An International Survey

What aspirations are motivating today’s youth? How do they view family, employment, or society as a whole? As of what age is one considered “young”? At what age is one no longer young? In order to tackle these far-reaching issues, … Lire la suite

  • Author: Anna Stellinger
  • 6 février 2009
  • Studies

Prospects for Young People’s Success

Public opinion regularly focuses on the young people who come up against the gravest difficulties. It is not concerned with the others.Hardly has the problem been raised than the subject is dropped: the problem of the youth of a country … Lire la suite