Since the banking and financial crisis began, increasingly loud calls have been made for protectionist measures at the European level. While calls for protectionism are common in this type of situation, the most reliable studies show how dangerous they are. The European Union would do itself serious harm if it were to adopt protectionist policies.There is no denying that some supporters of protectionism raise important questions. But the answers are to be found in other areas of economic policy, which must be approached at the European Union level.
A few days ahead of the London G20 Summit on 2 April, economist Nicolas Bouzou, founder and president of the consulting firm Asterès, and director of studies in the Law and Management MBA School of the University of Paris-II-Assas (France), makes four proposals aimed at stemming the tide of protectionism in Europe:

  • develop Europe’s research and innovation capacity;
  • provide more funding for innovation ;
  • harmonise national standards and regulations ;
  • coordinate macroeconomic policies.