Survey of 15,130 Europeans across the 27 EU Member States
Three weeks before the European elections, the Fondation pour l’innovation politique, in partnership with Le Figaro, releases the findings of a survey of 15,130 Europeans. This survey is not about vote intentions, but about what is at stake, the choices European citizens are willing to do as well as the matters on which they whish the EU to increase its efforts.

Download the survey in English | Download the survey in French

The survey was carried out by TNS Opinion on behalf of the Fondation pour l’innovation politique, together with the Centre for European Studies and with the contribution of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the Fondation Robert Schuman, on a sample of 15,130 Europeans aged 18 and above across the 27 EU Member States using face-to-face or telephone methodology according to the country. Fieldwork: March 25 – April 15, 2009.
N.B. : for methodological reasons and in the interests of homogeneity, the occupational questions consists of 7 categories. Managers are therefore included in the “employees” categorie.