This study initiates a reflection on what the new European development policy should be: a policy based on cooperation with Africa and breaking new grounds in the fields of decentralization and partnership.The study suggests to rethink this development policy and implement an innovative system based on decentralization and partnership:

  • acquiring a global vision of development which applies to all concerned countries (Africa, Latin America, India…);
  • thinking out a «real European public policy” breaking with the logic of “juxtaposing various policies inspired by different purposes”;
  • thinking of a confederate approach: building up a network of agencies and operators integrating the experiences of each Member State;
  • placing emphasis on partnerships with developing countries: paying greater attention to their opinion, reinforcing their regional capacities;
  • organizing the “financial development market” by enhancing the role played by banks;
  • thinking out an “aid market” grouping together the many different European and African protagonists, including those in the private sector.