From May 27 to June 9, 2006, Jérôme Monod, Honorary President of the Fondation and Jean de Boishue, Member of the Fondation’s Supervisory Board and Editor of the review 2050, went over to Russia on a study and immersion tour. This report makes a chronicle of a journey, which led them from Moscow to Ekaterinburg, then from Ekaterinburg to Krasnodar, and proved to be tremendous learning through encounters and testimonies of Russians of all backgrounds and opinions.Though one may have been tempted to believe that Russia was pursued by some sort of “historic fatality”, these chronicles totally refute such a conviction: public opinion does exist in Russia, and has definitely dismissed Sovietism; the man of the street believes in individual success, private property and claims to adhere to such values as religion, family or work… Though everyone recognizes much remains to be done, we have to admit that, in this great country, a new wind is blowing in our direction.