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Promoting political innovation through values and people: Activity Report 2005-2006

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In the course of its first two years of existence, the Foundation set out its values and principles: the primacy of freedom and individual initiative; patience and independence. Without them, no enterprise, no research and no emulation would be possible. With the help of ten full-time researchers and a stable pool of authors and consultants, we can support individuals from all walks of life who are striving to bring about political innovations by proposing new perspectives, new behaviours and new strategies.We believe in people with strong personalities and have accepted the risk ofplacing our trust in them. Researchers, authors, consultants: we combine ourefforts and want to help them disseminate their ideas so that they can be putinto action. Innovation takes time, a willingness to take a step back, dissent, good adviceand support from all sides. With this in mind, we want to open the debatesnow underway in France to welcome input from other sources—European orAmerican—but also Indian, Chinese, African or Latin American. Today, more thanever, we are focused on that goal. Our work method gives special weight to international comparisons, fieldinvestigations and contradictory debates, and encourages experimentation,direct implementation, pilot projects and co-operation with various partners. It is this spirit which has inspired the Fondation pour l’innovation politiquethroughout these two years. This report presents an overview of the diversetopics on which we have been working and innovating.

Franck Debié
Executive Director,
Fondation pour l’innovation politique

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