The Covid-19 pandemic is a hardship for humanity as a whole. The Fondation pour l’innovation politique wishes to come together to share actions, ideas, and emotions of the men and women facing this challenge. On fondapol.org and our social media networks, we are publishing a new series of video testimonies. These contributions aim to make this crisis part of a collective reflection, to draw all the positive and creative ingenuity we are capable of out of this moment of adversity, in order to make this moment a pragmatic one.

You are warmly invited to participate in this #SharingNotSpreading operation, by sending your video to the following address : SharingNotSpreading@fondapol.org.

Clément BeauneA Europe of solidarity and sovereignty: moving forward!

Kendra – Young people mobilize their cultural, intellectual and moral potential (Cameroon)

Feras Fayez – The power of collective action in Bahrain

Javier Gonzalez – Back to school in Argentina


Themis Castellanos – The situation in Peru

Lorenzo Ceppodomo – The situation in Italy

Marisol Coca – Health professionals in Bolivia


Julien Damon – Setting up “post-confinement vouchers”

Marta Soria – The situation in Uruguay

Ricardo Cabrera – The private sector in Mexico

Catherine Regnault-Roger – Maintaining food independance

Lexi Hopkins – Marginalized populations in New York City


Trinh Truong – The situation in Cambodia

Viviana – The joy of life during COVID-19


Thomas – Learning from a distance


Madeleine Hamel – The experience of COVID-19 in a cross-border region

Dr. Boubli – How my psychiatric clinic transformed itself during COVID-19


Nirvana Dominguez – The resilience of Puerto Ricans

 Aaryaman Scindia – Migrant workers in India


Josh Webb – The action of the South-African government

Amarine Gerber – Solidarity in the U.S.


Juliana Colussi – The situation in Bogota, Colombia

Gary Hoban – Sports during the pandemic

Aminata Kone – The jobs at risk during COVID-19


Jean-Miguel Pire – The time for studious leisure


Claire Foster – The Canadian governement’s action for employment

Xavier Pavie – Innovation against COVID-19 in Singapore

Nelson Ferreira – The situation in Paraguay


Thierry Beaudet – The mobilisation of the medical staff and the mutualist movement


Linda Ozola – Parliamentary life in Latvia during COVID-19


Hossan Leong – Solidarity, community and art in Singapore


Serge Soudoplatoff – Helping each other in California

Jung Yoon-Mi – New reflexes in South Korea

Thibault Muzergues – The situation in Slovakia


Chrisian Ntsolani – The situation in Douala, Cameroon


Tatiana Baxter – Experiences of loneliness


Pierre Adrien Hanania – The uses of artifical intelligence during and after the crisis

Ricardo Abramovay – The importance of scientific expertise in policy decision-making

Lee Gyung-Uk – Daily life in South Korea

Cecilia Rizcallah – The “coronavirus law” in Hungary

Vanessa Amaral – Daily life in Brazil

Eddy Fougier – The world of tomorrow

Danièle Brun – Family relationships

Emmanuel Combe – Self-fulfilling prophecy 


 Willy Delvalle – A shared humanity

Sofia Olsson – Crisis preparedness in Sweden

Victor Delage – European solidarity

Na Hyun Jung – Dailylife in Namyangju, South Korea

Julien Nöel – Loss of smell and taste

Emmanuel Combe – The economic stakes of a future vaccine

Julie Noyer – The situation in Quebec, Canada

Laurence Daziano – Working from home, homeschooling and reading

Aifang MA – A spring under lockdown

 Cari Craden – The need for communication

Houssem Eddine El Bahi – The situation in Tunisia

Julien Damon – Working from home


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