• Author: Wolfgang Glomb
  • 2 février 2011
  • Europe

The franco-german tandem confronts the Euro crisis

Recent events affecting the monetary stability of the euro area have revealed deep misunderstandings between the French and the Germans. France argues that political considerations must prevail over European subjects, while Germany defended at all costs the principle of monetary stability… Lire la suite

  • Author: fondapol
  • 28 décembre 2010
  • Agriculture

Achieving a new common agricultural policy

Discussions aimed at defining the post-2013 Common Agricultural Policy will be opening this November. The CAP – the leading, oldest and most integrated of existing Community agricultural policies – is a symbol of European construction. The issue of market regulation in a liberalised world is one of the topics on the agenda. Lire la suite

  • Author: Bernard Bachelier
  • 28 décembre 2010
  • Agriculture

Food security: a global challenge

The food crisis which struck the world in 2008 brought back the agricultural issue as one of the international community’s top priorities. It is obvious that new food shortages may occur. Hunger is not declining as had been hoped. Since spring 2008, all global conferences have been devoting one item on their agenda to food security and pledged new funding. However, those statements did not translate into action. Public opinion is finding it hard to understand what is going on and to distinguish between what is intended for media impact and what will initiate real action. Lire la suite

  • Author: Fondapol
  • 14 juillet 2010
  • Public Debt

Reforming the Constitution to Reduce Government Debt: Creating A Balanced-Budget Rule In France

This document proposes to include in 2010 a balanced-budget rule in the French Constitution and in the LOLF (Loi Organique relative aux Lois de Finances, the quasi-constitutional framework that governs the French national budget process). The rule is inspired by … Lire la suite

  • Author: Nicolas Bouzou
  • 8 juillet 2010
  • Europe

Four Proposals to Stem the Tide of Protectionism in Europe

Since the banking and financial crisis began, increasingly loud calls have been made for protectionist measures at the European level. While calls for protectionism are common in this type of situation, the most reliable studies show how dangerous they are. … Lire la suite

  • Author: Fondapol
  • 5 juillet 2010
  • Banking Regulation

Banking regulation for sustainable growth

After two dramatic years for the banking sector, in particular after the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in September 2008, 2009 signs an alt. The worst seems to have been avoided and the financial and banking sector is slowly recovering from one … Lire la suite

  • Author: Nicolas Bouzou
  • 21 septembre 2009
  • Europe

The German Economy on the Eve of the General Election

With the country in the grip of a recession, economic issues have dominated Germany’s federal election campaign. The campaign has focused on the economic and financial crisis, taxes and the funding of the pension system, the environment and energy policy, … Lire la suite

  • Author: Jean-Michel Debrat
  • 15 juin 2009
  • Europe

European Development Policy: A Response to the Crisis Affecting Globalisation

In a previous essay published in 2006, we looked at Europe’s place in the world and concluded that we needed to create, step by step, a veritable European system of development cooperation. Nearly three years later, the new issues surrounding … Lire la suite

  • Author: Raphaël Wintrebert
  • 6 février 2009
  • Employment

Delocalizations: Political Challenges of a Still Not Well Understood Phenomenon

Free trade, the prevailing economic policy for over fifty years, is being called into question in South America, the United States and France. At the core of the apprehension lies China, whose increasingly skilled workers earn much lower salaries than … Lire la suite

  • Author: Jean-Didier Vincent
  • 6 février 2009
  • Environment

The Environment: Banking on the Innovation Economy

Twenty years: that is the timeframe that we have adopted to restore the Earth’s climate. If we fail, our countries will be unable to survive the three-fold population, global warming and energy crisis that will culminate in 2030. Although the … Lire la suite