Supervisory BoardScientific and Evaluation Council

The Foundation also works with an Auditing Committee and an Ethics Committee.

Supervisory Board 

Nicolas Bazire, Chairman, Managing Director of the Arnault group
Grégoire Chertok, Vice Chairman, Associate Director of Rothschild et Cie
Cyrille Bardon, Lawyer, Founder and Manager of Cabinet Bardon & de Faÿ
Valérie Bernis, Vice Chairwoman of the ENGIE Foundations
Aldo Cardoso, Consultant, Board Member of several companies
Jiang Changjian, Associate Professor of International Relations at Fudan University (China)
Laure Driant-Darcos, Former member of the Supervisory Board since being elected to the Senate on 24 September 2017
Geneviève Ferone Creuzet, Co-Founder and Managing Director of the research and strategic consultancy firm Casabee
Pierre Giacometti, Founder and Managing Director of the communication strategy consulting firm No Com
Élisabeth Grosdhomme, Managing Director of the company Paradigmes et caetera
Olivier Labesse, Partner at DGM Conseil
Francis Mer, Chairman of the Fondation pour l’innovation politique between 2004 and 2005
Former French Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry (2002-2004)
Jean-Claude Paye, Chairman of the Fondation pour l’innovation politique between 2005 and 2009
Former Secretary-General of the OECD, Former lawyer
Salima Saa, Deputy Director of Sales at Transdev

Scientific and Evaluation Council

Laurence Parisot, Chairwoman
Bernard Bachelier
Bruno Bensasson
Elisabeth de Castex
Stéphane Courtois 
Julien Damon
Laurence Daziano
Marc Fornacciari
Emmanuel Goldstein
Erwan Le Noan
Pascal Perrineau
Robin Rivaton
Alain-Gérard Slama
Christophe de Voogd

Auditing Committee

Jean Raynaud, Chairman, Honorary, General Prosecutor at the Cour des Comptes
Jean-Daniel Lévy, Chartered accountant and graduate of Sciences Po, Paris
Jacques Pradon, Doctor of law and Honorary Lawyer to the Conseil d’État et the Cour de Cassation

Ethics Committee

Hélène Gisserot, Chairwoman, Honorary General Prosecutor at the Cour des Comptes
Yves Cannac, Honorary member of the Conseil d’État
Dominique Latournerie, Member of the Conseil d’État

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