Tear Gas and Water Cannons in Paris as Grass-Roots Protest Takes Aim at Macron

le 24 novembre 2018

PARIS — Shouts of “Macron resign!” and “Macron get lost!” punctuated the booms from tear gas and water cannons on the Champs-Élysées on Saturday, as the French police forced protesters from the “Yellow Jackets” movement away from the presidential offices in the Élysée Palace. French protest movements come and go, but this one, organized on […]

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Macron Hopes WWI Ceremonies Warn of Nationalism’s Dangers. Is Anyone Listening?

le 08 novembre 2018

PARIS — All week President Emmanuel Macron toured France’s World War I memory trail. He visited the killing fields of Verdun, the vast ossuary at Douaumont and the monument to heroic African soldiers at Reims. Each stop made the same solemn point: Nationalism kills. It is a message Mr. Macron hopes will not be lost […]

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