Shura, or “consultation” is a principle mentioned both in the Koran and as a practice followed by the Prophet and his Companions.
In a modern context, Shura has been interpreted as the Islamic term for what our contemporaries refer to as democracy. However, it remains an obscure concept, despite the hundreds of books and articles published on the topic in recent decades. Many aspects of Shura have not yet been addressed.
The methodology of this text is based on sources and normative principles taken from Koranic verses, details of the Prophet’s life and exempla written by the first four caliphs (which are generally considered to be legitimate). Some Koranic texts and Hadiths associate the principle of collective decision-making with all areas of life, whether material, spiritual, individual or collective.

This paper is written by Ahmad Al-Raysuni, professor of Islamic studies at Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco.

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