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In today’s Europe, it is clear that Islam elicits a sentiment of rejection among a growing majority of the population. Yet multiculturalism, which nothing and nobody was prepared for, has already become an established fact of life. As a result, tensions are becoming apparent as difficulties emerge on the subjects of secularism, equality between men and women, and freedom of opinion.
To these fault lines must be added the inescapable daily references to Islam by terrorist organisations whose unprecedented, deliberately shocking violence is perfectly designed to invade the media in the form of barbaric images, and ends up planting a direct correlation in the public mind between Islam and brutality.
With Valeurs d’islam, we wish to make a contribution to improving our understanding of France’s second religion. Above all, this involves highlighting a different reality of Islam, one that is no less tangible, even if it has become almost invisible, obscured from view by the colossal image of a hateful Islam. People, including Muslims themselves, do not tend to acknowledge or even to be aware of this other reality.
This series aims to remind people of the reasons why this Islam must be regarded as authentic and true to its original message. This work is of particular importance, because neither France nor Europe can abandon the high values on which they were founded, which include the freedom of conscience, in other words the freedom to believe or not to believe.

The following people have contributed to this series, under the direction of Dominique Reynié: Ahmad Al-Raysuni, Ahmed Bouyerdene, Mustapha Cherif, Mohamed Beddy Ebnou, Éric Geoffroy, Bariza Khiari, Saad Khiari, Asma Lamrabet, Philippe Moulinet, Tareq Oubrou and Mathieu Terrier.

قيم الإسلام

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Livre Valeurs d'islamThe book Values of Islam
Under the direction of Dominique Reynié
Preface by Sheik Khaled Bentounès.
Presses Universitaires de France, January 2016, 432 pages, 22€

This book contains all 11 notes of the series Values of Islam, from January 2015 to January 2016 .

Read the introduction by Dominique Reynié in English and in Arabic.
Read the preface by Sheik Khaled Bentounès in English and in Arabic.